tools to
your community

community management

  • Equip members with service enhancing tools - auto-reminders/alerts across a variety of media - web, on phone
  • Scheduled Newsletter communications with built in content aggregation


social media

  • foster relationships in a dedicated environment away from the noise of traditional social media
  • Connect individuals within groups and across entire community
  • Connect members to service opportunities


resource sharing

  • Facilitate knowledge resource sharing
  • Aggregation of activity information for better goal setting and assessment of progress
  • Share aspects of community life with wider web audience


  • Groups

    Small groups and ministries

  • Members

    Add, manage members

  • Prayer Requests

    Manage prayer requests across organization

  • Resource Center

    Resources including sermons

  • Missions Reports

    Missions reports and updates

  • Reports

    Gain insight from your data

  • Contacts

    Manage contacts and related information

  • Events

    Manage events

  • Volunteers

    Manage volunteers and opportunities

  • Newsletters

    Create and send newsletters